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Custom Revit Template.

Customized Revit Templates are designed to streamline repetitive tasks and maximize efficiency. We can include many different custom components like preloaded standard sheets, smart schedules and on/off parameters.



Family Modeling.

It can be very advantageous and efficient to model custom components like equipment, walls, lighting  and millwork. Revit families are any 3D elements that can be easily dragged and dropped into a project. Custom families can include adjustable sizing, custom materials/ finishes and adjustable parameters.

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Renderings and Animations.

We can provide photorealistic renderings and animations from a 3D or BIM model. A photorealistic image or virtual animation tour can give clients confidence in your design and a clear understanding of the vision you want to convey.


We can design or work in conjunction with an architect, to accurately and efficiently generate a set of plans to meet your needs. We fully engage with our clients throughout the entire design process, becoming an extension of the client's production team.


Documenting Existing Conditions.

An architectural BIM model can be produced based on existing drawings, surveys and field verified conditions.


Third party BIM auditing.


​Model auditing is the best way to verify the consistency of the information contained within a revit model. There are increasing standards being required by clients that necessitates quality assurance. Failure to audit the model could result in unreliable output data, false reports or a failing grade.

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Revit training and technical support.


The exchange of information can be a fast and simple process. We are able to provide technical and on site support as necessary to assist in the implementation of BIM.


Consultant coordination.


One of the most important goals of BIM utilization is the physical coordination of systems between disciplines. We can conduct coordination meetings between architects, engineers, consultants, construction managers and sub contractors.



Building conflict reporting and clash detection.


There are many disciplines involved in the modeling process and it is essential to generate building conflict reports and perform clash detection.

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